Timetables language courses in Breda

Timetables Breda

In January we are starting with group courses with emphasis on speaking. Our groups are small, like that you will learn quickly.
This is just a temporary timetable. E-mail or call us to check the latest changes. We can always plan extra groups that have not been included yet in the timetable below.

Minimum of  6 students and a maximum of 10. Average 8.
We also have Quartet groups. These are mini groups between 3- 5 students. E-mail us for more info and a quotation.

Dutch - Group course October 2019

Dutch Starter7 OctoberMonday19:0015 x 1,5h€ 220,-A1Register >>
Dutch A27 OctoberMonday20:3015 x 1,5h€ 220,-A2Register >>
Dutch B17 OctoberMonday20:3015x 1,5h€ 220,-B1Register >>
English - Group course October 2019

English Beginner14 JanuaryMonday19:0015 x 1,5h€ 215,-A1Register >>
English - Elementary - A215 JanuaryTuesday19.0015 x 1,5h€ 215,-A2Register >>
English - Pre intermediate - B1.115 JanuaryTuesday19:0015 x 1,5h€ 215,-B1Register >>
English - Intermediate - B1.214 JanuaryMonday20:3015 x 1,5h€ 215,-B1.2Register >>
English - Upper intermediate - B2.115 JanuaryTuesday19:0015 x 1,5h€ 215,-B2.1Register >>

Business language courses Breda

Minimum of 6 and maximum of  8 students.

ATTENTION: minimum start level is A2, for English B1. The courses are given on different levels. Free assessment test.

Business Language Courses - October 2019

CourseStartDayTimeLessonsPriceEnd level 
Business English - Intermediate - B18 OctoberTuesday20:3013 x 1,5 uur€ 300B1Register >>
Business German - A29 OctoberWednesday19.0013 x 1,5 uur€ 300A2Register >>
Business Spanish - B19 OctoberWednesday19:0013 x 1,5 uur€ 300B1Register >>
Business French - A29 OctoberWednesday19:0013 x 1,5 uur€ 300A2Register >>