Language levels


Levels description

Our lesson program is given in different levels. The emphasis lies on conversation but the program can be tailored in case of a one-to-one or business trainings.

For level assessment we work with the levels as stated by the Council of Europe, the so called Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, Strasbourg, 2001.

For each level you need to have at least 30 hours of tutoring and you will need about 40 hours of self-study.

Level 0 (starter/beginner)

  • You learn the basics of grammar and vocabulary
  • Pronunciation and conversation that leads to A1 level
  • You will be able to read simple texts and write simple notes
  • Information about country and culture (for companies: how is the business culture)

Final level: A1
Self-study: min. 40hrs

Level 1 = A1

  • Expansion of grammar and vocabulary that leads to A2 level
  • You will be able to read small news items, write a simple e-mail/letter, have a personal conversation, listen to simple TV or radio programs
  • Further cultural info, as language and culture always come together

Final level: A2
Self-studymin. 40hrs

Level 2 = A2

  • Expansion of grammar and vocabulary up top B1 level
  • You will find out that speaking and understanding will go easier now
  • Telephone calls, conversation in a group, speak about different themes, write a small report, a composition, a more extensive e-mails and read an article, magazine, etc

Final level: B1
Self-study: min. 40hrs

Level 3 = B1

  • Grammar and vocabulary will go further up so that you will be able to:
  • Understand much more, including more TV, films, etc, speaking will cost you less effort, but you will still translate

Final level: B1.2
Self-study: min. 40hrs

Level 4 = B1.2

  • Attention now for difficult grammar points as you handle correctly at this point the all basic grammar issues; vocabulary is now more abstract so that you can have a conversation at a higher level
  • You do not translate that much before speaking; you will be able to express yourself without difficulty either in the past, present and future. You write extensively and can defend a point of view.

Final level: B2
Self-study: min. 40hrs

Level 5 = B2

  • You have come far! Now you must achieve an advanced level and keep it!
  • Grammar review, vocabulary extension, you will practice all skills, but with the emphasis on conversation, using all kind of themes of your or the class´ interest.

Final level: B2.2
Self-study: min. 40hrs